Scheduling, Compensation & Benefits

Check out this link to our manual for complete details about scheduling, compensation & benefits:

At TMS one of our early experiments with technology was around scheduling software.  We eventually chose Humanity Shiftplanner®️.

We use this application to:

  1. to schedule work and days off;
  2. assign shifts in a 28-day rotation to increase ability to plan;
  3. publish assignments accepted by, or open to, employees; 
  4. increase autonomy and ability for staff to trade or release their shifts to qualified co-workers;
  5. schedule leaves;
  6. create reports to calculate pay, overtime and improve budgeting.

Humanity Shiftplanner provides us with additional benefits in the form of communication tools, including:

  • a message board; SMS as well as private messaging for notifications;
  • Tools to track certifications and training;
  • Training modules with links to various media such as You Tube®️ and the ability to create quizzes.

Despite the evolution of this website, our own server and applications, we continue to use Humanity Shiftplanner as fundamental tool for sharing information with our employees.

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