Structure, Organization & Staffing (SOS)

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Comparatively speaking TMS is a small organization with 28 employees (currently active most pay periods) to fill approximately 19 full-time equivalent positions.

The foundation of our organizational structure is our support workers, those people who provide the direct service to the people we support. 

Over 90% of our current employees started working for TMS in those vital “front-line” or direct service roles of either Residence Worker or Night Attendant.  

As TMS grew, new hats were added to those roles to cover off different aspects of the family “business". Each new hat represented job enrichment and enlargement that, for the most part, also contributed to personal growth.

We still encourage our management team to work a reasonable number of direct service shifts as we believe this:

  • Allows management to inspect our facilities and test policy/procedures in action on the job;
  • Enhances communication;
  • Helps maintain a family-oriented approach.

However we are increasingly implementing new strategies to reduce the amount of front-line shifts that are filled by management.  We believe this will allow them to focus more on business improvement.  Our ultimate goal is to develop new skills and enhance leadership within TMS.

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