Service & Business Continuity: Succession Plan

Introduction and background

Teachable Moments Services Inc. (TMS) came into being as part of the concerted effort and planning of Patricia Messenger and her family.  Their intent was to ensure that quality care would continue to be provided for their foster son/brother into his adulthood. The goal was for continuity of care to be sustained independent of any individual family member’s capacity, interest or ability to remain directly involved on a day to day basis.

The table below outlines milestones in the development of that goal and achievement of related objectives.


  Plan or strategy


Maximize funding and resources available to provide quality support during transition to adulthood

Identify a roommate who was a good fit; increase opportunity for eventual qualification as a staffed residential resource.

Roommate in place 2011;

Provide for more independent living; and increased services by staff rather than foster parents.

Develop Glenside basement to provide independent program delivery, specifically suited to needs of foster sons.

Basement fully developed and CLBC Staffed Residential; Community Integration contracts in place 2012

Recognize, develop, promote the talents and interests of children and other employees.

Expand operations by developing a second residence.

Second residence purchased and in use by 2014; Additional clients are now in service.

Develop capacity within TMS to more fully support individuals.

Create economies of scale and improve infrastructure by developing additional resource.

Third residence developed and in use by 2015.

Provide for business/service continuity.

Incorporate to provide a legal entity/framework that would persist regardless of the capacity/status of individual family members.

Incorporated and operating as Teachable Moments Services Inc. since July 2015

Ensure continued use and access to current residences, regardless of status of landlords.

Renew existing leases with longer terms and options for extension; negotiate terms for right of first refusal if property is to be sold.

Longer lease terms now established

Ensure continued use and access to business vehicles regardless of status of owners.

Replacement vehicles being purchased by TMS.

Fleet Insurance established; 2 replacements purchased directly by TMS in 2017.

Enhance the development of leaders within TMS.

Implement the Residence Coordinator positions to introduce increasing responsibilities, accountability and better develop independent leaders.

  implemented throughout 2017


Moving forward the objectives of TMS are to:

  • Continue to support the former foster sons of Patricia & Stuart Messenger by providing “teachable moments” and life enhancing experiences in a nurturing, safe and caring environment that will promote community involvement and integration.
  • Fully embrace more recent additions to the TMS family and provide similar quality care that is acceptable to them and effectively addresses their needs in an efficient and economical manner.
  • Do our best to meet these commitments and ensure that they carry on into the future.

The management and directors of TMS engage with stakeholders to support business planning policy and performance measurement processes.  As a result, our plans evolve as,together, we identify new opportunities and strategies.

Those new plans, including the Business Continuity and Succession plan, are shared with our stakeholders who continue to walk with us (see the member’s portal for details about access) .