Mission, Values, Mandate


Support and create “teachable moments” and life enhancing experiences in a nurturing, safe and caring environment that promotes community involvement.


TMS incorporates the following values in all activities:

  • everyone has unique needs and abilities;
  • individuals must be encouraged to make their own decisions and be supported to carry out those decisions in a safe way;
  • rights of individuals served, their family and staff must be respected;
  • family and friends have a primary role to play as part of an individual’s support team;
  • work cooperatively in a transparent, truthful and fair manner;
  • support all individuals (persons served, family & friends, staff) to do their best;
  • be accountable for our commitments and for the work we are responsible to perform.
  • trust and respect is gained through our actions.

Our mandate is to:

Operate within the framework of our mission and values statements to provide quality care that is: acceptable to the people we serve, effective, efficient and economical.

Comply with Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws in alignment with our framework and the policies of our funding agencies and community partners.