Policy & resources

We use this page as a springboard to our member’s portal along with other collections of documents that our stakeholders may need to reference, including:

Policy Collection- all the policies that guide our walk together (this collection is available for everyone to view).

References & Resources- a collection of documents that helps inform our stakeholders and members in areas related to:

  1. Safety- including helfpul links to external safety related websites;
  2. Supports- including links to external websites for various agencies that may provide useful supports for the the individuals we serve or others in the community.
  3. Activities & Events- including links to external websites that provide lists of events or calendars for planning activities.
  4. Employment- links to information and external sites that employee’s may find helpful to inform decisions related to employment.

Navigation tip: if you get lost at anytime in one of these new “collections”, simply click on the footprints to return to this "main site". There is also a “home page” link in the bottom left of each page.