New Job Descriptions Added

As a result of feedback that we gathered last December, TMS management committed to improve our communications about roles and responsibilities within TMS.  We have embarked on several projects to help us meet that commitment:

  1. Biographies for all Managers, senior staff and “champions” (e.g. those staff who bring specific training, skills or passion for different subjects) are nearing completion and will be made available to all stakeholders;
  2. All Job Descriptions are being reviewed to improve clarity around roles, responsibilities and job expectations/requirements.
  3. During policy/procedure and plan reviews, we are considering every opportunity to better identify responsiblities.   

In relation to item 2, we recognized that some job descriptions were not published.  We have now fixed that omission.  We have also ordered the job description file to better align with our organization chart.  Let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement.