New Director’s Appointed

Earlier this year we initiated the steps necessary to increase the number of Directors for TMS.  This need was identified primarily as part of our succession planning objectives.  

Willing candidates had to be identified and then educated about the responsibilities of a Director.  The candidates also needed to understand the potential liabilities a Director could face. 

Once they had accepted their responsiblities, insurance had to be purchased to protect the new Directors (especailly since they are not shareholders or otherwise remunerated specifically to perform these additional responsibilities). Legal process needed to be completed to register the new Directors.

These steps have now been completed.  We are very pleased to announce that Theresa and Robyn have been appointed as Directors of TMS. We are ordering them new hats!!

Although our two new Directors are not independant of TMS operations this is an important milestone in our succession plans. 

We will be continuing to investigate opportunities for improving independent oversight and reducing perceptions of any bias within our operations.  This may include the possibilitiy of another outside Director or an external Compliance Officer (see policy on Ethical Business Practices). 

In the meantime we have updated our complaints process to recognize that there are additional Directors who can receive and deal with any complaints.