Privacy & Property

Introduction-  at TMS our values recognize that the rights of individuals served, their family and staff must be respected. This includes the rights to:

  • Privacy in relation to records, bedroom, belongings and storage spaces;
  • Private communication with visitors;
  • Property including: keeping and displaying personal possessions, pictures and furnishings in his or her bedroom and personal areas (other common areas with agreement and consent)


At TMS we require:

  • All people to be familiar with the rights of individuals;
  • All people who work with the individuals we serve, to sign, or have sworn, a code of conduct that is appropriate to their role;
  • The code of conduct be reaffirmed annually to acknowledge, among other things, the expected conduct regarding privacy and property;
  • Employees to follow established procedure, including:
  1. Conducting periodic inventory on all property owned by the individuals served;
  2. Following procedures related to the funds of individuals served.

TMS will prohibit:

a. the involuntary participation of program participants in public performances, or without the informed consent of that person or his/her parent or legal guardian

b. required or coerced use of public statements by program participants that express gratitude to the organization 

c. the use of photographs, videotapes, audio-taped interviews, artwork, or creative writing for public relations or fundraising purposes without the informed consent of that person, or his/her parent or legal guardian.

If a program participant, parent or legal guardian feels that TMS has not adequately protected the privacy of his or her personal information, he or she may request a review by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia.

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