Pets in Residences


Teachable Moments Services recognizes that individuals have the right to care for and love a pet.  Pets can provide companionship and many other positive opportunities for the individuals we support. 

Purpose- This policy will address how we work with the people we serve to make decisions on whether a pet should be introduced into a residence or program either to live permanently or to visit the home.


At TMS we ensure that the following steps/decisions are considered before a pet resides or visits at a program/residence.

Each request for inclusion of pets is decided based on the following criteria.

Pets in home

-       Do all the individuals that reside in the home want a pet?

-       Are there any health concerns that should be considered example: allergies?

-       Is there anyone living in the residence that could injure the animal?

-       Can the individual(s) in the home financially support owning a pet?

Staff/Family/Friends may have a pet that could be beneficial to visit a program/residence. If a pet is requested to visit a program, the following will be considered.

Visiting pets

-       Do the individuals in the residence/program want the pet to visit?

-       Are there any health concerns that should be considered example: allergies?

-       Are there any fears/aversions to animals that should be considered?

-       What is the temperament of the pet?

-       Will the pet interfere with care of the individuals and/or operations?

Requests for pet ownership for an individual or a visiting pet must be made in writing and submitted to the Operations Manager.

Any damage caused by a pet at the residence/program will be the responsibility of the owner.

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