Personal Care


Our values state the people we support must be treated with respect and dignity. 

TMS will always ensure that the rights of the individuals we support are adhered to when providing personal care for the individuals we support.  Personal care tasks should be performed in the least intrusive way and the independence of the person being supported should always be encouraged.


At TMS we:

  • ensure that individuals who require personal care assistance/support have a personal health care plan that provides necessary information about the level of support; verbal prompting, physical prompting required. The personal health care plan will also list the specific routines, equipment/supplies necessary to provide the personal care.
  • train employees providing personal care routines on the individual specific routines, procedures and preferences, including specific equipment such as lifts etc.
  • support individuals with an employee of their gender preference, whenever practical or necessary, for personal care tasks such as dressing/undressing, menstrual care, bathing/showering and other personal care routines.
  • when in public support youth & adults in washrooms that are: of their gender, private or designated as barrier free
  • ensure Individuals we support who are on anti-convulsant medications will not be left unattended in a bathtub


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