TMS strives to create a home-like, family atmosphere for the individuals we support. Therefore, the individuals we support are encouraged to participate in selecting, planning and preparing the meals and snacks we make.

Sharing a meal together creates opportunities for good conversation and positive interactions. When appropriate, TMS encourages their staff to join in meals with the individuals we serve. Likewise, when appropriate, we encourage opportunities for family, friends or peers to join in meals.

At TMS, we believe that the opportunity of planning, preparing and sharing a meal together creates a welcoming atmosphere for the staff and individuals we support that is consistent with our mission and values statements.


At TMS we:

·      Ensure that the individuals we support have adequate nourishment;

·      Offer Individuals’ a minimum of 3 meals and 2 snacks each day;

·      Respect and consider personal and cultural preferences when planning meals;

·      Consider the Canada Food Guide when planning meals;

·      Identify all dietary and nutrition requirements in an individualized nutrition plan;

·      Implement nutrition plans and dietary recommendations within 3 months of intake;

·      Review plans at least annually or as needed;

·      Record all food intake in the individuals’ documentation binder;

Other related documents and resources

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