Family Involvement


Consistent with our values TMS believes that family and friends have a primary role to play as part of an individual’s support team. The purpose of this policy is to demonstrate how TMS encourages family and friends to be involved in the lives of the individuals we support.


Family can play an essential role in the lives of people we support by:

  • Providing love and care;
  • Acting as an advocate;
  • Assisting individuals when making important decisions regarding health, finances and their well-being. In some situations, family may act on an individual’s behalf for decision making;
  • Providing history and context.

Given the importance that the family plays in an individual’s life, at TMS we:

  • Encourage family members to visit the home at any time, while respecting the rights of all individuals in the home;
  • Support individuals to visit their family outside of home, if requested;
  • Foster relationships between family members and the individuals we support, to the fullest extent possible;
  • Encourage family to participate in celebrations and milestones that are important to the individual;
  • Keep family aware of happenings, issues, and concerns;
  • Ensure that family members are aware of planning activities and make every effort to include them in the planning process.

TMS recognizes that “family” can be extended to include a larger support network, depending on circumstances, background and culture.  At TMS, those relationships can be acknowledged when consent is given for people to act as an advocate and by stating a preference for the title that is applied to that advocate.  For children, consent is granted by the legal guardian.


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