Exiting Services


Introduction- TMS is committed to providing service appropriate to the needs of each individual. 

Individuals served will not have their services discontinued by TMS until all possibilities for providing appropriate services have been exhausted within our organization and arrangements for alternate services have been secured. 

Services may be considered inappropriate for an individual supported for various reasons including:

-       Different support/services are required, or desired, by the person;

-       The placement was inappropriate;

-       Conflicts with other participants and/or roommates;

-       Dissatisfaction with the service provided;

-       The current setting is unable to meet the needs of the person.

Service discontinuation or transfer requires notification as per the service contract and procedures.

When the individual served, their family and/or legal representative or funding agent is discontinuing services they will provide TMS executive director or delegate a minimum of 30 days written notice.

Purpose- The purpose of this policy is to address the procedures TMS has in place for when an individual is discontinuing services and/or transferring or exiting services.


At TMS the following procedures are in place for individuals exiting service:

  • Once a request for discontinuation of services has been made the Operations Manager will notify the appropriate program and funding agent. 
  • If requested TMS employees and management team will assist the individual to adjust to their new home or service site. If requested, this may include meeting with the new service provider to provide necessary information, routines etc. TMS is committed to help provide a smooth transition for the individual that is transitioning.
  • The residence coordinator where the individual receives services will prepare the following:
    • The individuals clothing and possessions
    • The original and current personal inventory list for the individual
    • Identification
    • Funds
    • Medication
    • Appropriate records including: health records, protocols and safety plans.

All items will be given, as requested, to either the individual, family member and/or service provider.  These items will be documented and signed for when delivered.  The receipt or document will be kept on the individuals case management file.

Once an individual has exited TMS services the Executive Director and/or delegate will ensure that:

  • Documents/ information pertaining to the individual exiting services will be transferred or disposed of as directed by the funding agent;
  • Documentation returned to the funding body will be documented and signed upon delivery of the material. Receipt will be retained on the individual’s case management file.
  • Documents and agency information relating to the individual are stored in a secured area for a minimum of seven years.

In the event that an individual passes away, the operations manager will ensure that personal items will be released to their legal guardian or representative.

Exit Interview

Every individual supported by TMS and/or family support team will be extended the invitation to participate in an exit interview. The exit interview will be done with a member of TMS management. If requested the exit form can be completed independently.

Six months after the individual has left TMS services the Operations Manager will generate and mail a follow up satisfaction survey to the individual supported. The mailing date will be noted on the individuals case management file.

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