Communicating the Rights of Individuals



The purpose of this document is to describe how and when we will fully communicate TMS policies, and the policies of our funding agencies, regarding the rights of the individuals we serve.


At TMS we communicate about the rights of the individuals we serve as follows:

With all stakeholders, at intake by:

  • Fully reviewing CLBC and/or USMA or MCF policies;
  • Modifying and adapting communications tools to suite the unique needs and abilities of the individual.
  • Creating a person-centred document that outlines key rights in an understandable manner.
  • Incorporating relevant material into the appropriate plans and daily activities and program guidelines. Including program documentation such as:
    1. “MyPlan" documents;
    2. Cultural Safety Agreement (if applicable);
    3. Consent to release authorizations
    4. Posters
    5. Complaints Policy and other policy and procedures documents that are made available to all individuals and stakeholders.

With stakeholders, at least annually by:

  • reviewing and adapting material, as necessary, in conjunction with the Individual Service Plan (ISP) updates.

With support persons (employees, volunteers, contractors), at the time of hire by:

  • Reviewing all related policies, procedures and practices as part of the orientation checklist;
  • Completing the Code of Conduct, Confidentiality and Ethics Oath.

With support persons (employees, volunteers, contractors) at least annually by:

  • Reaffirming expectations and standards during performance reviews;
  • Re-signing Code of Conduct, Confidentiality and Ethics Oath;
  • Reviewing policies and procedures on an ongoing basis.

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