Training & development

At TMS we support employees by:

  • identifying effective, efficient and economical options for them to renew/maintain required first aid and other certifications that they need to maintain as a condition of employment;
  • providing ongoing training related to safety, including: 
    • training on expected responses to emergencies as outlined in the TMS Emergency Preparedness Plan;
    • training on Safety Plans for persons served including any periodic updates;
    • annual Crisis Prevention Intervention training/re-certification;
    • periodic updates to safety related training required for their jobs (e.g. WHMIS; Foodsafe);
    • regular review of the operation of fire extinguishers and other safety equipment;
    • other training needs as identified at monthly safety meetings.
  • providing any training required as part of any improvement plan identified during performance evaluations.
  • developing employees for promotional opportunities by:
    • discussing and identifying a career path during performance reviews;
    • identifying and supporting training that will help employees achieve their career objectives;
    • providing job enrichment and enlargement opportunities consistent with identified career path.
  • maintaining standards required by our accrediting agency and/or service contracts related to employee training.

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