Social Media


Social media is any online technologies that are used to generate and share information, opinions and host conversations. It can involve a variety of formats, including text, pictures, video, audio and live feed. Examples of social media may include discussion forums, blogs, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. TMS recognizes that social media is rapidly changing the way people interact, communicate and receive information.

TMS recognizes that social media can have many benefits. However, currently TMS does not operate a social media account for its employees or the individuals we support. Instead, an internal server is used within the agency and ipads at each program/residence have apps that are used to share documents, notebooks, media (pictures, videos) and conversations (i.e. chat). Ways to improve and expand on these tools are being reviewed, including the ongoing development of a webpage that can improve access to our organization within the broader community.

Employees should continue to use the Humanity app’s message wall to communicate with other employees or use the private message function.


  • Employees shall not post any content about: Teachable Moments Services Inc.; the individuals supported, or their families; employees or volunteers.
  • Posting or discussing confidential information including internal administrations information, policies and procedures or photographs that depict work related activities is prohibited without explicit written permission of TMS management.
  • Social media posts will not be made about the individuals TMS supports without direct consent from an executive director after consultation with the individual and their representatives and/or support network. This includes naming individuals and sending pictures and videos via text message or other social media posts.
  • The internal server and Shiftplanner/Humanity will be used for communicating among employees, volunteers and contractors who are scheduled to work at TMS.
  • Personal use of social media must not interfere with an employee’s duties or with operational requirements
  • Pictures of individuals supported will be removed from personal cell phones and only shared with staff members designated by the executive director.

Failure to abide by this policy is considered a violation of the Oath of Conduct and will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination (or other sanctions appropriate to the role of the individual). Any suspected criminal act will be referred immediately to Police Services. 

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