Cell Phone Etiquette

TMS recognizes that having a personal cell phone at work is absolutely useful for job performance as well as necessary in some work related circumstances. 

However with smart phones and the accessibility of the internet and social media they can also hinder job performance, especially how one interacts with co-workers, the individuals that we support, as well as guests. 

Appropriate cell phone use will vary depending on assigned duties however please adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Give %100 focus to the person in front of you – this is especially vital to the care and attention that we provide to individuals with limited communication skills. Absolutely no cell phones at the dining table while eating with clients.
  • Use cell phones only when necessary – for example when communicating with other staff, or if you are expecting an important phone call. In that case let other staff or supervisors know that you are expecting a call and excuse yourself to answer.
  • Respect that not all coworkers or visitors are tech savvy – There are more mature staff and visitors that not only find cell phone use in their presence distracting, but also disrespectful. Be mindful of those around you and keep technology out of sight.
  • Be mindful and present – Challenge yourself to take conscious breaks from your cell phone, it’s amazing how productive and in tune with your environment you become when you don’t have the distraction of technology at your fingertips.
  • Recognize the diversity of the roles other staff play – There are always exceptions to the rules. Supervisors are often checking their messages as well as shift planner while working. Supervisors are also responsible for communicating with outside agencies, individual’s families, and other support staff.

Please do not hesitate to ask a supervisor for clarification on any of the above statements.

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