Attire & Appearance


This policy helps address the expectations for the attire and appearance of those people who work with us (e.g. employees, volunteers and contractors), to support and create “teachable moments” and life enhancing experiences. 

A nurturing, safe and caring environment requires a safe, positive and professional image while at work.  Appearance can affect the individuals we support as well as the attitudes and opinions of an individual’s family, other professionals and community members.

Policy statements:

Safety: Safety is the most important consideration when selecting attire to wear to work. Consider these points:

·      Sturdy, close toed footwear will be worn when working directly with individuals.

·      Employees will not wear sharp protruding jewelry, chains, earrings, or other articles that could directly result in injuries to the individual being supported or co-workers.

·      Individual specific behaviour/safety plan recommendations will be followed (Example: for some individuals, employees must wear their hair in a ponytail/bun to prevent hair pulling).

Personal hygiene: Employees are expected to maintain a high level of personal cleanliness and hygiene while at work. 

Appearance: Clothing that is potentially offensive, or viewed as inappropriate by the individuals we support is prohibited. This will include:

·      Mid riff baring shirts, halter tops, tube tops or see through shirts. Tank tops and spaghetti straps.

·      Immodest exposure due to “fashion holes” or shredding.

·      Shorts that are not mid-thigh or longer.

·      Clothing and accessories that display slogans, vulgar or rude statements or symbols supporting offensive or illegal practises.

Cultural or Religious Attire: TMS respects the rights of employees to dress in accordance with their ethnic, cultural or religious traditions. If an employee’s dress may impact the employee’s ability to safely or effectively fulfill their work requirements, TMS will help to develop an accommodation that is acceptable to the employee and TMS.

Event/Weather Specific Attire: Employees are expected to accompany individuals to activities and/or events.  Staff will ensure that they report to work with clothing appropriate to the designated activity/event. Employees supporting individuals outdoors will ensure they have appropriate attire for all weather conditions (i.e. hats, coats, footwear- boots, running shoes etc).  Staff scheduled to participate in swimming activities will be required to bring/wear appropriate swimwear. Appropriate swim wear will be neat and functional. Female employees will wear one-piece bathing suits when swimming and male staff will wear board shorts or knee length bathing trunks.

Employee Responsibility: It is an employee’s responsibility to wear safe and appropriate attire to work.  Employees who come to work and are not dressed appropriately will not be permitted to work their assigned shift, will not be paid and may be subject to TMS staff discipline policy.

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