When required discipline will proceed in a progressive manner consistent with the Interpretation Guidelines Manual --British Columbia Employment Standard Act and Regulations.

Immediate termination for just cause may result from a single serious incident of misconduct that is a deliberate and intentional breach of the employment contract, including any breach of the Code of Conduct, Confidentiality and Ethics Oath.

Most often minor misconduct will be dealt with by supervisors who will ensure that that expectations are understood, and the employee is able to meet them.  These actions are not considered to be discipline but may result in a letter outlining expectations.

Occasionally more serious or repeated performance deficits will trigger a formal Performance Review.  Performance Reviews that are triggered by serious performance concerns will be conducted by two management representatives.

These reviews will outline:

-       the conduct that must improve and the standard that is expected;

-       a plan for the employee to improve performance to meet expectations;

-       a plan for supervision and review of the employee’s work during a specific term (usually 90 days).

During the term set for the review, restrictions may be put in place to help the employee focus on the plan objectives (e.g. restrictions on shift trading or accepting additional/optional work).

The plan and any restrictions that result will be provided to the employee in a written document that is also placed on the emplyee’s file.

Employees who are not meeting performance expectations, as documented either in their Performance Evaluation or a written letter, may not receive pay raises that may come into effect.

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