Human Resources

Introduction- TMS recognizes the following roles for the people who help us to support the individuals we serve:

  1. Employee;
  2. Volunteer;
  3. Contractor;
  4. Advocate or Legal Representative;
  5. Family member or Friend;
  6. Independent Professional (e.g. Medical practitioners, auditors, surveyors)

There are many elements of our policies that are common to each of these roles, including:

To the extent that the first three roles (employee, volunteer, contractor) perform a specific job based on an agreement with TMS, these individuals need to be familiar with our employment policies. Each individual and situation is evaluated based on the specifics and circumstances that apply.  However, in general, individuals performing each of these roles must review and sign the Code of Conduct/Ethics Oath before they begin their job with TMS.

Policies related to advocates, legal representatives, family & friends are outlined to them depending on the specific circumstances that apply.  To the extent that these individuals will have access to private and sensitive material they may also need to sign the Code of Conduct/Ethics Oath or a similar document before they have access to information or property.

Professionals will typically be governed by a set of standards specific to their profession.  In general, professionals will be familiar with their required duty of care and the laws that govern their relationship with the people TMS serves.  Therefore, professionals will not normally be required to sign an oath with TMS. However, they may be required to a sign an agreement that specifies or discloses the expectations related to their relationship with TMS and our stakeholders.

Purpose- The purpose of this collection of documents is to describe the principle policies and procedures related to our Human Resources -those fantastic people who help us serve and support the individuals we all care for.

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