H&S Meetings

At TMS Health & Safety Meetings are:

  • Conducted on the second Wednesday of each 4-week rotation.  The meeting will be scheduled during the day shift with attendance to include:
    • at least one Manager or Residence Coordinator (who will act as chairperson);
    • at least one Residence Worker or Senior Residence Worker;
    • either the Administrative Manager or Maintenance Person;
    • Persons served or their representatives may attend and will be encouraged to attend when there are health and safety issues of mutual concern.

The objective of the Health and Safety Meeting is to make recommendations to improve health and safety practices. The agenda includes:

  • reviewing the results of all safety drills conducted since the last meeting;
  • reviewing recommendations/actions resulting from all safety inspections conducted since the last meeting;
  • reviewing recommendations/actions resulting from any incidents (reportable or non reportable) occurring since the last meeting;
  • reviewing any updates to policy or procedures, or updates to Safety Plans for persons served , since the last meeting;
  • reviewing options for related training.

The meeting agenda is published at least 48 hours before the meeting to allow staff to provide input and/or arrange to participate. 

Meeting minutes will be published within 2 weeks of the meeting. 

Our proactive Health & Safety Committee members solicit input from stakeholders, provide oversight and follow up on recommendations.  Members assist management in the implementation of plans, policy, procedures and related training.  Their focus extends beyond employment to include all stakeholders.  They are our champions for health and safety!

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