Hazardous Material Handling


In our value statements TMS recognizes the rights of individuals.  This includes the right to live and work in a safe environment and to be supported in a safe way.

Our mandate states that we will comply with Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws in alignment with our framework and the policies of our funding agencies and community partners.  This includes the supplementary law developed by WorkSafeBC.


The purpose of this document is to describe TMS, policy related to the handling of the materials used in our residences/workplaces.

The document outlines practices that have been implemented to comply with the requirements and recommendations of the Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS).


It is the policy of TMS to:

·      train staff, during orientation, on correct procedures for handling all products typically used in our residences;

·      train and certify key workers in WHMIS to act as “champions” at the residences where they work;

·      provide specific training on WHMIS to all staff;

·      test employee competency at least annually;

·      provide ongoing training as necessary;

·      use labelled consumer products whenever possible and avoid re-mixing products;

·      ensure appropriate labels are on all products used in our residences/workplaces;

·      store all cleaning supplies in locked cupboards;

·      store fuels, pesticides and similar inherently hazardous products outside the residences (e.g. in secured sheds to be accessed by maintenance staff knowledgeable about those products);

·      provide any necessary protective clothing/equipment (e.g. gloves, safety goggles) required to perform assigned tasks;

·      provide resources to employees (e.g. material data safety sheets to allow them to understand their responsibilities and meet performance expectations.


Employee Responsibilities

Before using any product TMS employees must be able to answer these four questions:

1.     What is the hazard?

2.     How do I protect myself?

3.     What should I do if there's an accident?

4.     How do I get more information?

Employees must not use a product that is not labelled.

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