Health & Safety

Introduction- At TMS we are concerned for the Health & Safety of the people we serve, employees, visitors and the community we are all involved with.  

Due to all the people potentially involved and the variety of possible interactions, it is not surprising that there is a complex set of rules that apply to our Health & Safety practices.

Landing the best practices for TMS requires us to reference and draw from a variety of areas.


At TMS management supports Health and Safety by:

  • Maintaining a Health & Safety Plan to help coordinate and improve all health & safety activities;
  • Maintaining an "Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response Manual" that outlines best practices/responses to potential emergencies, including: fire; earthquake, tsunami, medical, violence.
  • Maintaining a “Vehicle and Transportation Manual” that outlines best practices to ensure safe transportation of the people we work with.
  • Performing, with staff and persons served at each residence/facility, regular (monthly) safety drills that will include:
    1. testing responses in the event of fire including evacuation drills;
    2. testing responses in the event of earthquakes;
    3. testing responses in the event of other disasters (e.g. tsunami, bomb threat).
  • Conducting regular safety inspections of residences/facilities and vehicles.
  • Conducting a review of every reportable incident (e.g. CLBC, Worksafe, Internal) that impacted or had the potential to impact the health, safety or well-being of staff or persons served;
  • Conducting regular reviews and completing updates of emergency procedures as better practices or improvements to responses are identified.
  • Conducting (with stakeholder participation and input) regular Health and Safety Meetings.

This collection of documents describes the principle policies related to Health & Safety policy and practice followed by TMS:

TMS has also created two manuals that provide detailed policy, procedures and guidelines for safe practices around:

Emergency Preparedness

Vehicles & Transportation

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