Ethical Business Practices

Introduction- Teachable Moments Services Inc. (TMS) has values statements that describe how we will treat all people.  Three of those statements apply directly to our business practices:

  • work cooperatively in a transparent, truthful and fair manner;
  • be accountable for our commitments and for the work we are responsible to perform.
  • trust and respect is gained through our actions.

Our mandate states that we will comply with Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws in alignment with our framework and the policies of our funding agencies and community partners.  

At TMS we recognize that ethical practices extend beyond compliance with rules. Our values and our policy statements address the need for ethical practice.

Policy statements: 

At TMS we:

  • Expect our Directors to lead, by example, in relation to ethical practice;
  • Require Directors to be trained in the area of ethical practice and to maintain currency around best practices in relation to ethical issues (e.g. through subscription to expert, knowledge-based articles and forums);
  • Require all human resources (employees, volunteers, contractors) to sign a Code of Conduct/Ethics Oath that is appropriate to their role;
  • Expect people to reduce potential conflicts by adhering to their Code of Conduct;
  • Provide a complaints policy and procedure that ensures that complaints can be made without fear of reprisal. 

As we encounter new situations, or ethical dilemmas,  we will research the issues involved, consult with others and apply common sense to address them.  If we believe it is necessary to recognize best practice we will amend or create policies to provide for future guidance.

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