Performance Management & Reporting

At TMS we measure performance to help us assess the effectiveness and efficiency of our program delivery.  

As stated in our Business Planning Policy TMS Directors engage with stakeholders  to assist with our assessment, measure their satisfaction with our services and to gather input for the development of our plans. 

We use a variety of tools to help gather input (e.g. surveys, suggestion boxes, bulletin boards, staff meetings, chat groups).  We also periodically host sessions to gather input from stakeholders.  We are happy to share the report from our last session.

In addition to the data gathered through these tools, TMS collects a variety of data as a part of the day to day business of the organization. This includes: business plan data; program delivery data and data about the people we work with.

Analysis of this data is an important part of developing our performance objectives and setting clear plans for improvement. Key objectives are summarized in a Performance Measurement-Outcomes Plan that is available to stakeholders through our member’s portal. Highlights and key performance indicators are summarized annually in our Report on Outcomes.

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