Planning & Improvement

Teachable Moments Services Inc. (TMS) prepares a Strategic Plan which is updated at least annually.  This plan provides leadership and guidance in the development of additional corporate plans related to:

  1. Accessibility;
  2. Inclusion & Diversity;
  3. Succession & Business Continuity. 
  4. Health & Safety
  5. Training;
  6. Financial Management & Budgeting;
  7. Risk Management;
  8. Systems;

TMS Directors engage with stakeholders to gather input and feedback for the development of the Strategic Plan.  Stakeholder input is also solicited in order to meet the policy objectives identified for our Accessibility and Inclusion & Diversity planning.

Guided by the strategic plan, directors work with appropriate staff (e.g. Health & Safety Committee, Supervisors, Accounting and adminstrtive staff) to prepare the additional six business plans.

TMS also maintains a Performance Management System to track and report on the key objectives outlined in our plans, including those plans prepared for the individuals we serve. 

All of our plans are shared with the stakeholders who provide input to the plan.

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