Introduction to policy

This collection of documents represents the principle policies of Teachable Moments Services Inc. (TMS). 


TMS is an organization that is all about people! 

Our mission statement describes our overall goal for the individuals we serve and our values describe how we treat all people.  Our background and history describes the circumstances leading to the very unique relationship that exists among the individuals we serve, our management team, and other stakeholders.

Those unique relationships, and our desire to be innovative and creative about the solutions we bring to our programs, has meant that our business structure is not a hierarchical model. The people at TMS have a variety of roles and wear many different hats. 

Our values fundamentally encourage us to treat all people the same way and many of our policies do apply equally to all stakeholders.  

Our policies are also about relationships.  It follows that policies and relationships are not necessarily linear or easily compartmentalized. Nonetheless we have chosen to group our policies in a somewhat traditional hierarchical collection.

Our mandate makes it clear that we will: 

Comply with Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws in alignment with our framework and the policies of our funding agencies and community partners.

That statement requires TMS to address specific practices in relation to: the rights and care of the individuals we serve; human resourceshealth & safety; and the many other specific business relationships and roles that exist within our organization.  

As you go through our policies you may find some duplication and overlap (after all everything connects; we are all people and at TMS we are family!).  

Most importantly, if you are having trouble finding something that you believe should be here, please let us know (use the email link below).

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