Teachable Moments Services Inc (TMS) is enrolled with the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP) Applicant Based Online Service to facilitate criminal records checks and sharing of completed criminal record checks.


This is the simplest and quickest way to obtain a clearance letter or to share a clearance letter (i.e. if you have completed a check, within the last five years, for another agency that provides service to children and vulnerable adults).


The online service will work if you can use the Electronic Identity Verification (EIV) process.  This process uses verification questions (based on your Canadian credit history).  For more information on the process visit the CRRP’s walk through guide click here.


Use the link at the bottom of the page to access the online service.


Our access code is: R5W3TULRJ2.  Just copy and paste it into the field when requested.


If you do not have a current Criminal Record Clearance letter to share, you will need to provide a credit card to pay the $28 fee for a new clearance check.  TMS will reimburse employment applicants for this fee once they have successfully completed their probation term. 


For existing staff who are renewing a clearance letter, please present the receipt to your supervisor to arrange reimbursement.


If you are unable to use EIV to complete the online application, the CCRP system will transfer your information to a form and prompt you to print it off in order to make a manual submission.  If requested our party ID# is 1744278.


Link to online application: